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Best menthol e-liquids 2022

by Gary Clark 20 Dec 2021

Menthol is one of the most popular e-liquid flavours here at UK Vape Supply and following the menthol cigarette ban, we’re selling more than ever. Whether you’re looking to replicate the taste of your favourite menthol cigs or you love experimenting with some of the sweet menthol mergers available on the market, there’s a minty blast to suit all taste buds. At UK Vape Supply, we’ve put together our list of the top 5 menthol e-liquids for 2022.

City Vape Menthol

A staple 50/50 menthol liquid for all the minty purists out there. This exceptional e-liquid from City Vape is a cold blast of pure iced menthol that will satisfy all the chill chasers out there. City Vape is one of the most popular vape juice brands of the moment and this smooth liquid is a testament to their commitment to producing only the best tasting liquids. 

Kingston Super Ice Menthol

One of our favourite e-liquid brands has knocked it out of the park with this Super Ice Menthol vape juice. Kingston has managed to create a delicious frosty blend that combines crisp menthol and ice fusion for a satisfying vape that really packs a punch. Customers love the refreshing aftertaste with this one, it’s a great everyday menthol vape from a UK brand that loves pushing boundaries. 

Chubby Juice Spearmint Gum

The Chubby Juice range by Exceptional Vapes is all about flavour and the Spearmint Gum e-liquid is no exception. Inspired by your favourite spearmint chewing gum, this juice expertly blends smooth spearmint and bubblegum together to create a refreshing flavour. Sweeter than the average menthol juice, this one is for fans of sweet shop vape flavours but still chase the minty kick. 

Chubby Juice XXXtra Strong Mint

Do you know how some vape juice manages to capture the exact flavours of your favourite sweets? Well, you won’t believe how close the Exceptional Vapes team have got to replicating extra strong mints. The clue is in the name with this one, it’s an incredibly refreshing blend that in the words of the creators combines ‘Ice ice ice ice and mint!’. With a fantastic aftertaste, it’s no wonder this juice is flying off the shelves. 

Kingston Tropical Fruits Menthol

The Kingston Tropical Fruits Menthol liquid combines two of our favourite things, exotic fruit tastes and an icy mint kick. This chilled vape features a delicious medley of tropical fruits such as pineapple, sweet mango and passionfruit, dipped in a crisp menthol to create a refreshingly fruity vape experience. It’s definitely one of those e-liquids that you have to try and while it may not be for the menthol purists, it’s the perfect choice for those that love intense flavours. 

Did your favourite menthol e-liquid make the list? Let us know which minty vape juice gets your vote so we can share it with our vape community. For premium e-liquids, disposable vapes and more, shop the full UK Vape Supply store today.

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