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Can I recycle my vape?

by Gary Clark 15 Feb 2022

Vaping and recycling might not be two topics you’ve ever put together, but if you’re a regular vaper - there is a way to dispose of your vape and e-cig batteries in a way that protects the environment. The main part of a vaping device is the battery, which can and should be recycled, however, how you recycle it will depend on whether it’s removable or built into your device. Let’s take a closer look!

Recycling a removable vape battery

Once you are ready to dispose of your vape battery, simply take it out of the device and take it to the nearest battery recycling point. You can find your closest battery recycling station via the Recycle Now website. If you have multiple vape batteries to recycle, ensure you keep them separate from each other to avoid the risk of them shorting against each other. 

Recycling a built-in vape battery

If you’re using a vape device with a built-in battery, you cannot simply leave it at a battery recycling point - this is because it will contain other electrical elements such as a circuit board. Instead, you can find a specialist e-waste centre to recycle a fixed battery device, with many available across the UK. You can check the ‘How to recycle electrical items’ section of the Recycle Now website for your closest station.

Can I recycle vape pods, refills and vape tanks?

Although there is no official guidance for recycling vape pods, tanks and refills, we recommend giving them a good clean before throwing them away. By cleaning them, you can ensure that no nicotine or other ingredients leak out and cause damage to the environment. 

Can I recycle e-liquid bottles?

Yes! As of May 2017, the EU TPD states that all e-liquid bottles are required to be made from plastic and should display the type of plastic that they are made from. We recommend giving your bottles a clean before placing them in the recycling bin. 

At UK Vape Supply, we want all of our customers to dispose of their vape devices, e-liquid bottles and vaping paraphernalia responsibly. To find out more about our range, or to discuss the right vaping products for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. 

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