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Disposable Vape or Reusable Vape?

by Gary Clark 30 Nov 2021



In recent months the disposable vape device has grown in popularity with vapers around the globe. There's no denying that he convenience of a disposable vape is second to none, so what's the difference between a disposable vape and a reusable vape?

Let's take a look.

What is a disposable vape?

Literally, what it says, a disposable vape is a single use device with a fixed battery and liquid reservoir. Typically disposable vapes will use nic salt as it is absorbed much faster by the body. Disposable vapes are not rechargeable or refillable, so they are to be disposed of when they are used up. As they have a battery inside, they need to be disposed of correctly; most places in the UK have recycling facilities that deal with batteries and electronic devices. Examples of disposable vapes are Geekbar, Elf Bar, Kingston K Bar and the Glamz Bar. The main benefit of these disposable vapes is that they are convenient, easy to carry and require no maintenance, no refills and no coil changes; you just vape and go. Recently disposable vapes have come under scrutiny from trading standards. There are plenty of low quality, unregistered and illegal disposable vapes out there now, so to ensure you are getting a quality product that has been tested and declared safe, always use a reputable dealer. At UK Vape Supply, we buy direct from the manufacturer or their designated distributor to guarantee authenticity and quality in our disposable vapes.

Top vape tip

Beware of anything with over 600 puffs or 20mg (2%) nicotine on the packaging. A disposable vape with over 600 puffs in it is likely to be over the 2ml capacity rule, and anything that contains more than 20mg/ml of nicotine is illegal to sell in Europe and the UK.

What is a reusable vape?

Any device that has changeable parts, removable batteries and refillable tanks is classed as reusable. These devices provide greater value for money and are much better for the environment. They come in various formats to suit different needs; for example, if you quit smoking, you would need a smaller coil with a higher resistance coil to vaporise high nicotine e-liquid in smaller quantities. For chasing clouds and maintaining a nicotine level on the body after quitting smoking, opt for a lower resistance. These larger coil devices can handle more power and sub-ohm resistances.

Typically, reusable devices are a cost-effective alternative to a disposable vape, and the Smok Infinix pod kit is an excellent example of this. Each pod can be refilled a number of times before it needs to be replaced, and the battery can be recharged. This makes the reusable Smok Infinix Kit a versatile, pocket-friendly device that is kind to the environment and your bank balance!

 Check out our range of disposable vape here; if reusable is more your style, try the hardware section in the main menu to view our full range. 

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