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Disposable Vape: Ultimate Buying Guide

by Gary Clark 28 Feb 2022

Whether you’re new to vaping or looking to change up your current vape kit, disposable vapes are a great option. As well as being a great way for novice vapers to start their journey without committing to an expensive device, they’re great for those looking for an affordable, effective long-term option. Disposable vapes have come a long way in the last few years, with many leading brands bringing out their own disposable vapes or ‘bars’ to meet the demand of both casual and serious vapers.

With a wide range of models to choose from, it can be tricky finding the right disposable vape for you. In this guide, we’re going to look at the benefits of switching to throwaway vape pens and everything you need to know to get the best possible vaping experience from them. 

What is a disposable vape?

Like all e-cigarettes, disposable vapes were created to offer a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes without compromising on the ‘experience’. Disposable vapes are simple in their design, with no complicated buttons or charging instructions. Simply inhale and enjoy until your vape runs out. A disposable vape pen is precharged and already filled with e-liquid; once the e-liquid has run out, you simply discard your vape. It’s no surprise that these vape devices are incredibly popular with those looking for a no-hassle vape experience, with no requirement to change coils or worry about whether you have enough charge. 

How do disposable vapes work?

Typically, a disposable vape pen is made up of three components - the battery, the coil and the pod. The battery size is usually between 400mAh - 750mAh, which also acts as an indicator of how much charge your vape holds. A chipset inside the vape pen is activated when you inhale, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on or off. The average disposable vape pen will give you anywhere from 400 to 700 puffs, depending on the size of the pod and the battery. 

The closed system pod within a disposable vape has a high-resistance coil that provides the cigarette like ‘draw’. The coil itself is made from a heating element wrapped in cotton that absorbs the e-liquid in the pod. When you inhale, the battery heats up the metal to evaporate the juice in the cotton material, creating the flavour-filled vapour. 

Benefits of using a disposable vape

There are many benefits to using disposable vape pens, whether you’re new to vaping or simply want to add a convenient model to your current vape set-up. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people buy these throwaway vapes. 

  1. If you’re new to vaping and not ready to commit to an expensive mod, a disposable vape will let you test out different flavours and decide if the overall vaping experience is right for you. 
  2. They’re designed to be easy to use. You don’t need to worry about carrying around spare e-liquids or chargers, plus you don’t need to think about any maintenance tasks like replacing the coil. 
  3. If you’re looking to stop smoking, a disposable vape typically has higher nicotine levels, and a mouth to lung inhale that’s almost like a regular cigarette. 
  4. If you happen to lose your vape on a night out, you can easily pick up a convenient replacement at local supermarkets and vape stores. They’re also affordable enough to soften the blow if you do lose yours!
  5. They’re ideal for social smokers who tend to only smoke when they are drinking or socialising. The limit on a disposable vape also helps avoid continuing the habit. 

Disposable Vape FAQs

Like all of our vaping products, we tend to get a lot of questions from customers on how to get the most out of their disposable vape. Here are some of our most common disposable vape troubleshooting tips and FAQS!

How to recharge a disposable vape

Disposable vapes do not have charging ports and are not designed to be recharged after use. Instead, you dispose of them when it is empty. Although there are plenty of ‘charging hacks’ out there, we do not recommend taking your disposable vape pen apart or attempting to recharge it. 

What does it mean when a disposable vape blinks

Most disposable vapes have an indicator light that tells you when the device is in use. If yours starts blinking, this typically means that you are coming to the end of your battery charge or that you’re out of e-liquid. Some disposable vapes blink when they are overheating; if this is the case - take a break from vaping until the device has cooled down. 

Why does my disposable vape taste burnt

One of the most common questions we get from vapers is why their vape tastes burnt. This is otherwise known as a dry hit - when you inhale and get an unpleasant, hot, vapourless taste. To understand why this happens, you need to know the difference between smoking a cigarette and vaping. A traditional cigarette has a limited number of ‘puffs’ on it before it’s burnt out, whereas a disposable vape will typically give you around 400 ‘puffs’ before it runs out. While it’s normal to smoke a cigarette faster to get the most out of it before it runs out, a vape needs time to saturate between puffs. This is due to the fact that the cotton inside your vape coil needs to absorb e-liquid to turn into vapour. When you don’t leave enough time between inhales, the cotton wick in your disposable vape can dry out, which results in the heating element burning the cotton. When this happens, you experience the dry burnt taste when you inhale, but here are ways to avoid this happening!

  • Pace yourself when using your disposable vape, try and avoid inhaling for the sake of it and learn to know when you have satisfied your nicotine craving. 
  • Make sure your disposable vape is kept upright to ensure optimum use of the pre-filled e-liquid. 

How to refill a disposable vape

Again, a disposable vape is not meant for long-term use. Once the e-liquid has run out, there is no way to refill your vape pod, simply discard and switch to a new vape. 

How long does a disposable vape last?

The average disposable vape will give you around 400 puffs; however, the longevity of this really depends on several factors, including the battery and the quality of the tank. Premium disposable vape brands tend to offer better batteries and bigger tanks, giving more usage than a cheaper model. Other factors that could impact how long your disposable vape lasts includes the length of your draw. Longer draws from a vape pen mean you use more e-liquid, shortening the lifespan of your vape. Finding the balance between how often you vape and the length of your draw will help you get the most out of your chosen disposable vape. 

Did you know? Storing your vape pen at room temperature can help prolong the battery life. Cold batteries typically take longer to heat up, so for better results and longer battery life, and we recommend keeping your device around room temperature. 

What is the best disposable vape?

Finding the right disposable vape for you is all down to your personal vaping preference; however, when it comes to starting your search - there are a few brands that we definitely recommend!

Elf Bar

The Elf Bar is a fantastic solution for anyone looking for an effective, reliable, disposable vape. As well as being incredibly discreet, the small size of the Elf Bar means it’s ideal for slipping into your pocket or bag when you’re out and about. Don’t let the small stature fool you, though, the Elf Bar disposable vapes really pack a punch and are prefilled with 2ml of premium flavoured e-liquid. 

Geek Bar

Sleek, stylish and available in all of this season's hottest colours (yes, we’re still talking about disposable vapes!), the Geek Bar is one of the most popular picks for vapers looking for premium quality. With a powerful 500mah battery, you can expect around 525 puffs from this prefilled device. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a discreet, disposable vape when they’re on the go. 

Disposable Vapes at UK Vape Supply

For more information on disposable vapes, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly expert team. We currently stock a wide range of disposables from leading brands such as Geekbar, Elf Bar, Glamz Bar and Nasty Fix as well as many more. Shop the full range today with great online offers and fast UK delivery.


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