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How to clean your vape

by Gary Clark 13 Dec 2021

In order to have the best possible vaping experience, you need to know how to take care of your device. Cleaning your vape may not seem like a fun task, but take it from us, you will really notice the difference when you’re vaping from a clean tank! In this guide, we’re going to take you through the basics of cleaning your vape tank and really getting the flavour you deserve from your favourite e-liquids

Why do I need to clean my vape tank?

As you use your device, e-liquids residue can start to build up over time and eventually start to clog the internal components. This has an impact on the airflow through the tank and reduces the amount of vapour that you can produce. Regardless of whether you’re a sub-ohm vaper or not, this is going to ruin your vaping ability. A dirty tank can also cause a loss of flavour. If old e-liquid is allowed to build up in the tank, it can start to overwhelm the taste of the new liquid. 

How often do I need to clean my vape tank?

We recommend cleaning yours out at least once a week with our ‘basic clean’ and performing a ‘deep clean’ at least once a month. 

How to clean my vape tank

  • Ensure that the tank is completely empty of e-liquid then hold the tank under lukewarm running water for at least a minute. This will remove any remaining residue. 
  • Use a clean piece of kitchen towel or a clean cloth to dry the tank as much as possible. 
  • Once dry, leave the tank for around 10 minutes to ensure all remaining moisture has evaporated. If any water is left in the tank, use a cotton bud to dry these spots. 


How to deep clean my vape

  • Follow the steps above to clean your vape but instead of holding the tank under running water, allow it to soak for a few minutes in a bowl of warm water. 
  • If the tank is especially dirty, add a few drops of mild washing up liquid. 
  • Once clean, dry thoroughly and reassemble. 


Cleaning your vape tank is the easiest way to prolong the life of your device, however, if yours is beyond repair we stock a wide range of atomisers and tanks from leading vaping brands such as Aspire, Freemax and Uwell. Shop the full range at UK Vape Supply today. 

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