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REVIEW: Ice Bar Juice - The new bar salt range in a sea of bar juice ranges

by Gary Clark 27 Feb 2023

A review of our Ice Bar Juice Salts range spotted by a fan and emailed over to us:


There is no shortage of bar themed eliquids in the market at the moment and it seems to be causing some confusion. 

Not all bar liquids are created the same, there are outstanding ones and bog standard ones, the finest I have found so far is the Ice Bar Juice range made by one of the more prominent but less noisy brands in the UK, City Vape. City Vape has been around many years, based in the north east of England their team consists of experienced vapers and obvious flavour experts. The core City Vape range seems to have been upgraded recently with the addition of 100ml eliquids but the best thing City Vape have made to date is the Ice Bar Juice range. Available in 120ml bottles with 100ml of liquid in them and room for nicotine shots or in 10ml bottles containing nicotine salts already blended in and ready to be used.

I purchased 4 of the Ice Bar Juice Salts for only £10 which is a brilliant deal and was only made better when the product arrived and I tried it. 

I have tried Elfliq, Bar Salts, Vampire Vape Bar Salts and many more and I expected the same flat flavours but what I got was something very special.

I started with the Ice Bar Juice Salts - Cherry Ice, immediately my taste buds were ignited with amazing sweet cherry flavour, somehow it was a warm flavour on the inhale and ice cold on the exhale, its difficult to get a cherry flavour so right since the European TPD regulations ruled out so many of the old and great cherry flavourings but City Vape got this one right.

A new pod prepared and filled with Watermelon Ice was next up to the plate, a similar experience to cherry ice with massive amounts of juicy flavour and that cold hit on the exhale.

Pineapple Peach Mango was incredible, the best vape I have ever had. The peach really pops here, the sharpness of pineapple and softness of mango add a depth to the flavour that develops more and more as you vape it. I have ordered 20 bottled of this one and saved a lot of money for buying in bulk, all the more reason to love this range! UK Vape Supply limited offer the best vape deals I have seen in the UK with easy to use buttons to add your quantity to your cart but they do insist that mix and match works too.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava by Ice Bar Juice was another mind blowing experience, I am unable to figure out how they made the flavours so strong without the perfume effect or that roughness on your throat but City Vape have nailed it, its impressive that this liquid is not double the price of the other bar type liquids out there as it is quite easily worth £5 per bottle for the flavour experience alone.

Ice Bar Juice by City Vape goes to show what can be achieved when a product development team takes their time and really wants to impress. With the majority of the bar type liquid market being filled with the same weak flavour, cheap liquids its refreshing to find a brand that takes pride in its product and really pushes the envelope to keep the market from stagnating.

If you see Ice Bar Juice in a shop near you try it, if your shop does not stock it tell them to find and stock it, if they can't do that you can order direct online from the UK Vape Supply website, you will not regret it.


Many thanks to the author wherever you may be and to Luca for sending it over to us.




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