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Summer Vaping Tips

by Gary Clark 23 Jun 2022

Summer has arrived (for now) and while we’re all hoping for a season of sunshine, it’s worth noting that the heat isn’t ideal for your vape! Whether you’re staying at home or heading abroad, you need to be aware that the heat can have a detrimental effect on your vaping device, and your e-liquid.

Here are some expert tips for keeping yours in top condition this summer. 

Keep your e-cig out of direct sunlight

No good can come from exposing your vape to prolonged direct sunlight. As well as heating up the liquid inside of your tank, it can also make the juice thinner which can lead to leaking. Your vape battery can also be impacted by direct sunlight, even if it’s built into the device. We advise keeping your e-cigarette in the shade during hot days. If you’re sitting outside or sunbathing, cover your device with a towel or keep it in your bag until needed. 

Avoid leaving your e-cig in a hot car

If you leave your vape in the car while you’re at work, don’t be surprised to find a puddle of e-liquid when you return on a hot day! Just like dogs, e-cigarettes should not be left in a hot car - especially not in direct sunlight. If you can’t take your device inside a building with you, place it in a glove box or a cool bag to avoid the vape juice heating up. 

Double-check your rental agreements

If you’re renting a car or minibus during your holidays, make sure you take the time to read your rental contract before vaping in the vehicle. Many companies have a clause that restricts vaping in rental cars and vans. It could invalidate your insurance if you’re caught vaping when you’re not supposed to, so always carefully read your agreements. 

Stay stocked up

There’s nothing worse than going on holiday and finding out that your vape is broken. Even on a UK staycation, it could be tricky tracking down the piece you need to get yours working again. We recommend stocking up for the summer with any hardware that you may need. Coils, tanks, batteries and even chargers are susceptible to damage, so having spares could save the day. The same goes for your e-liquid, always have some spare bottles with you in case you find yourself caught short.

Important: If you’re travelling aboard with your vape, make sure you take the time to learn the laws and regulations around vaping and travelling with your vape. Take a look at our guide to Travelling with Your Vape for more information. 

This summer, why not treat yourself to some of the freshest, fruitiest vape liquids around? From ice blast citrus flavours to mouth-watering melon, strawberry and sherbet, take a look at the latest collections from brands such as Pukka Juice, City Vape and Kingston

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