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Why is my throat sore after vaping?

by Gary Clark 17 May 2022

Vaping has proven to be an incredibly effective way of getting people to stop smoking, bridging the gap between smoking and traditional nicotine replacement. For many, vaping is a great experience, with delicious flavours and a smooth throat hit, but not everyone has the same experience. New and experienced vapers alike can often find themselves with sore throats, coughs and a mouth that’s dryer than the Sahara - otherwise known as ‘Vapers Mouth’. These side effects are fully avoidable, it’s all down to your understanding of what you’re vaping and how you vape it. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common causes of vapers' cough and sore throat, as well as ways to combat them. 

Your vape power level is too high

One of the most common reasons why vapers get a sore throat is due to the device power level being set too high. If you have a mod device with adjustable power, you get to enjoy the benefits of customising it to the vape experience you want. The downside of a vape device like this is that it is possible to set the wattage too high, regardless of how experienced a vaper you are. 

Your vape device should have a suggested power range in watts signalled on the device itself or on the box. Although it is tempting to up the wattage to get bigger vape clouds, you’re likely to burn the wick of the coil if you’re too aggressive with the settings. A burnt coil leads to poor flavour quality as well as leaving you with a very sore throat. For this reason, it’s best to stick to the manufacturer's recommendations!

Your nicotine strength is too high

To get the best possible vape experience, you need to ensure that your e-liquid is suitable for your needs. If you choose a nicotine level that’s too low, chances are you won’t get the satisfaction you need from your device. On the flip side, if your nicotine level is too high, you may find it a struggle to vape at all as it will cause coughing and a sore throat. The easiest way to test if your nicotine levels are too high is to compare it to the feeling you had when smoking a cigarette. If the vape throat hit is more intense than a traditional cigarette, it’s likely that the nicotine level is too high. 

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Your VG/PG ratio is wrong

E-liquid is made from a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) with only around 10-15% of the mixture being made up of flavours and nicotine. VG and PG have different properties; VG is designed to produce bigger vape clouds while PG is all about getting that intense flavour. A liquid with a high PG can lead to an uncomfortable throat sensation, however, not everyone experiences this. If you are finding that your throat is slightly scratchy after vaping, check the VG/PG ratio levels in your e-liquid. A switch to a higher VG liquid could solve your problem. 

Have you just quit smoking?

When long term smokers make the switch to vaping, it is common for them to experience increased coughing. This is because the cilia in your lungs are becoming more active as they’re no longer dealing with lungs filled with smoke. As your lungs start working to clear out the tar, coughing is likely to increase. This type of ‘vape cough’ that occurs after quitting smoking should subside after a few days, however, if it doesn’t we recommend speaking to your GP.

You’re not staying hydrated

The dreaded ‘vapers mouth’ is something that almost all vapers have experienced. The dryness is caused by the fact that the key ingredients in e-liquid (VG & PG) are humectants, designed to attract and trap moisture. As we vape, it’s common to start to feel dehydrated which can lead to a sore throat when vaping. Other symptoms of this include a very dry mouth and even chapped lips. If you are experiencing this, the solution is simple, you need to increase your water intake. Carry a water bottle around with you at all times or make an effort to drink a glass of water between vape sessions. 


To get the best out of your vape experience, make sure you check out the latest collection of premium e-liquids. With leading brands such as City Vape, Ultimate Puff, Kingston and Pukka Juice to choose from, you can find the perfect vape juice to suit your needs. 

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