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Vape - Aisu

The Aisu vape juice range from ZAP! Juice is one of the most authentic vape experiences on the market. Designed to invoke the Japanese Kakigori dessert experience through vaping, you will feel like you’re vaping natural fruit juice drizzled over shaved ice. Each mouthful is smooth, ice-cold and refreshing, showcasing the talents of this exciting e-liquid brand. 

Established in 2016, Zap! Juice has quickly become a market leader, priding itself on putting ‘authenticity above everything’. The Aisu vape juice range is just one of the collections from the brand that’s designed to change perceptions of vaping. Expect a premium liquid with unparalleled menthol flavours, including mango, aloe vera, green apple, blackcurrant, and blue raspberry. For more premium e-liquids, check out our current range from Pukka Juice.