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KangerTech Coil MT32 Unit - Pack of 5

Only £6.00

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This KangerTech Coil unit is the replacement part for:
Mini ProTank
Mini UniTank

Instructions: Turn the KangerTech Coil cartomizer upside down, then screw off the bottom base. Take out the old coil unit from the bottom base, replace with new one.

The coil units make a seal via a silicone o-ring, so they only need to be nipped up finger tight, DO NOT over tighten as this will compromise the seal, resulting in leakage from the cartomizer.

You will need to replace the coil unit when any of these symptoms occur:
A gurgling noise whilst vaping.
Your vape has a slight caramel/burnt sugar taste to it.
You may have slight leakage from the base of the cartomizer.

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