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How to get the best flavour from your vape

by Gary Clark 14 Jan 2022

Flavour is one of the most important aspects of vaping and if you’re not getting the right flavour hit, you’re not getting the most out of your vape. If you’re finding that your vape just isn’t hitting the spot, there are a few things you can try to maximise the flavour of your vape. 

The coil is an integral part of your vape device and plays a huge part in determining the intensity of the flavour you get. The col is a small metal component containing a coil wire and cotton wick that fits inside your vape tank. The cotton wick soaks up your chosen e-liquid which is then heated up by the wire and turned into vapour. 

If you have started to notice a burnt taste when vaping, it’s time to change your coil. When switching coils, always ensure that you’re using the right type of coil for your device and that you prime the coil before starting to vape. Priming the coil simply means letting your chosen e-liquid soak into the cotton before you start to vape. We advise leaving it for at least 10-15 minutes for optimum flavour output. 

Keep your tank clean

One of the most common reasons why a vape has started to lose its flavour is due to a dirty tank. Whether you stick to one e-liquid flavour or you like to mix and match, if you don’t clean out your tank you will be left with old liquid residue or strange flavour combinations. You can find out how to clean your vape tank in our expert guide which covers both regular and deep cleaning of your tank. We also recommend giving your coil a quick clean every so often to avoid it getting clogged up with residue. Simply wipe your coil using a clean cloth before leaving to dry fully. 

Give your vape juice some TLC

It’s easy to get into the routine of buying a bottle of vape juice and not thinking beyond when you need to fill up your tank. However, just like any liquid, it’s vital that you know how to look after your vape juice and when it’s time to refill to get the best flavour results. Always keep your vape juice away from light and heat with the top securely screwed on to avoid the liquid from degrading. Try not to let the liquid level in your vape tank go below the holes in your coil. If you do, you run the risk of producing a ‘dry hit’ which is when the wicking material burns. This not only tastes awful, but it also ruins the coil - so it pays to think ahead when it comes to vape juice!

Take a look at your airflow

If your vape device has adjustable airflow, it’s easy to tailor your vape to your needs. The airflow is usually a rotating ring or slider found on the bottom of the vape tank. When the airflow is fully open you will experience a very airy, cool vape. If the airflow if closed you can expect a tighter vape with warmer vapour and increased throat hit. To find your ‘sweet spot’ you should experiment with the airflow until you get the flavour and intensity that you require from your device. Start with the airflow fully open and slowly close it as you inhale to sample each adjustment. 

Getting the most out of your e-liquid can be a cause of trial and error, however, these steps should help you quickly troubleshoot if your vape experience is a little flat. Knowing how each part of your vape works is a great way to fix issues with flavour or vapour production. In our blog, we cover some of our most popular customer queries to help you get the most out of your device. Check out our latest posts today or get in touch if you want us to cover a certain topic!

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