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How to safely dispose a disposable vape

by Gary Clark 22 Feb 2023

Disposable vapes continue to be one of the most popular vaping products for those looking to quit smoking. However, the rise in popularity has led to an increase in plastic vape pens being disposed of incorrectly and making up a significant amount of waste sent to landfills. 

Did you know? It is estimated that it would take 1,000 years for a disposable plastic vape to decompose. 

 The environmental impact of disposable vapes has been under discussion over the last few months, proving to be a controversial topic, with some campaigners demanding a ban on throwaway vape pens. The boom in popularity has led to vapes being found on beaches, pavements and beauty spots across the UK, potentially causing harm to children and wildlife through leftover residue. 

Why should I recycle my disposable vape?

For many, disposable vape pens are an affordable, convenient way to vape - with over half a billion vapes bought each year in the UK alone. While one of the key benefits of disposable vapes is the fact that they can simply be ‘disposed of’ after use, over half of all vape pens are incorrectly thrown straight into waste bins. 

Vape pens such as Elf Bars may look simple; however, each one contains a battery, an e-liquid tank, a cotton wick and coil and a plastic exterior. It is because of these components that disposable vape pens should be taken to a household recycling centre or collection point. 

One of the main points of contention for environmental campaigners is the lithium battery contained within popular models. The inclusion of the lithium battery means that vapes are actually classed as ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’, if not disposed of correctly, these batteries could become damaged - leading to fires at waste disposal sites. 

Scott Butler, Executive Director of not-for-profit group Material Focus said:  “Vaping is a growing phenomenon in the UK and over 50% of all single-use vapes sold are needlessly being thrown away. This means that every week 1 million vapes are not recycled.  We need to take urgent action now and ensure that they get recycled.  You can find your nearest recycling point by visiting our recycle your electricals website.”

 “Producers and retailers need to work together to ensure that they should make people aware that vapes should never be binned and instead be recycled.  Recycling needs to be made easier, and manufacturers and retailers can become part of the solution by adding collection points in-store.” 

How to safely dispose of your vape pen

Getting into the habit of recycling your disposable vape pen is easier than you think, plus you can enjoy peace of mind that you’re doing your bit to protect the environment. If you are a regular disposable vape user, we recommend carefully saving your devices once finished and taking them to your local recycling point at your convenience. 

Read out Vaping & Recycling Blog to find out more about recycling your vape and other vaping products. Now you know how to safely dispose of them, why not take a look at our extensive range of disposable vape pens?

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