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Vaping at a Festival: What you need to Know

by Gary Clark 13 Jun 2023

Festival season is just getting started, and with big hitter events such as Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds Festival still to come; it’s set to be a summer to remember.


Whether you’re heading in for the day or packing for a weekend of camping, it’s important to factor in how you’re going to vape when you’re there. At UK Vape Supply, we have everything you need to get prepared for your festival, from spare hardware to e-liquids and an extensive range of disposable vapes. 

Wherever you’re headed this summer, we’ve put together a guide to festival vaping so you don’t get caught short. 


First up, let’s take a look at the basics. 

Can You Vape at Festivals?


The short answer to this question is "it depends". Whether you can vape at a festival depends on the local laws and regulations, the venue policies, and even the festival's own policies and rules. It's therefore important that you double-check all the relevant regulations to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

For large outdoor festivals, the rules around vaping are typically the same as smoking cigarettes. Outdoor festivals are usually pretty vaping-friendly; however, smoking and the use of e-cigarettes and vapes aren't allowed in public spaces or buildings. This usually includes inside the arenas and tents. If vaping isn’t allowed where you are, it’s not worth the risk to try and sneak a vape. If your device is confiscated, finding a replacement can be tricky, especially if you’re somewhere remote. 

Vaping: What not to do at a festival


A big issue surrounding vaping at the moment is the damage caused by discarded disposable vapes. Glastonbury Festival has recently announced that disposable vapes are on their ‘not to bring list’ as they"pollute the environment and can be hazardous at waste centres". 

If you are taking disposable vapes to a festival, you should take care to dispose of them correctly. While it may not be top of your priority list, being mindful of your environmental impact can go a long way. We recommend keeping hold of your empty disposable vapes and recycling them when you get home. 

Read our guide ‘How to safely dispose of a disposable vape’ for more information. 

Festival Vaping: Packing List


There’s nothing worse than realising your vape is out of action when you’ve just got to a festival. From dead batteries and running out of e-liquid to your vape malfunctioning or getting lost/stolen, there are plenty of scenarios that could ruin your time. To prepare for any eventuality, here’s our definitive festival vaping packing list. 


Disposable Vapes

If you prefer to take disposable vapes with you, try and take enough for each day as well as spares ‘just in case’. Festivals are often long days (and nights!), and you might find yourself vaping more than usual. While it is important that you keep an eye on how much you are vaping, packing a few more disposable vape pens, such as Elf Bars, will ensure you don’t get caught short. 

While it may be possible to find shops or stalls selling disposable vapes at your festival, it’s incredibly important that you only buy legit devices. Buying your vapes at a festival can also prove to be very costly!


Rechargeable Vapes

If you have a rechargeable device, you will probably be aware of what you need to pack in order to keep it in top condition. Here’s a quick reminder!


E-liquid/Vape Juice

Running out of e-liquid can be a nightmare, especially if there’s nowhere selling your preferred flavour or strength. We recommend stocking up on enough to get your through the festival, keeping in mind that you may be vaping more than usual. An extra couple of bottles as an emergency stockpile is a great idea, it’s better to have too much than not enough.


Charging Kit

Most festivals offer charging points across the site, but as the event goes on - the queues tend to get longer. A portable charging bank is a great option for those with rechargeable vapes. These charging banks are compact and, if fully charged before you go, will give you enough power to recharge your device. Don’t forget your charging cables!


Spare Coils

A burnt coil can ruin your vaping experience. We recommend either changing your coil before you go to the festival or taking a spare one just in case. They’re compact enough that they shouldn’t make a dent in your packing space.


Back-Up Vape

Sometimes the worst can happen, and your vape can break, get lost or be stolen while you’re enjoying the fun. If this does happen, a backup can help soften the blow (and probably the inflated cost of a replacement while you’re there). A secondary, fully-charged vape pen is a great option for festivals. Alternatively, pack a few disposable vapes as emergency options while you’re there. 



When you’re watching your favourite band or chilling around the campsite, a packet of wipes or tissues is incredibly handy when refilling your vape, changing your coil or simply cleaning up. Plus, if you find yourself wiping down your vape after it’s been dropped in the mud, you’ll be glad you packed them!


Wherever you’re heading this summer, make sure you’re fully prepared with vaping supplies from UK Vape Supply. From e-liquids to spare batteries, we have you covered so you can focus on enjoying the music. 


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